Operation Beulah


Long time ago (Genesis11:1-9) all mankind had one language and one purpose. They tried to build a tower at Babel that reached into the sky so that they can make a name for themselves. However, they had no respect for God. So God knowing that nothing would be impossible for this wicked people because they are united, He confused their language. The result: A scattered mankind with multiple languages who do not understand each other.

Today, in Jesus Christ, God set apart for Himself a hypothetical remnant, who would honour Him. They are being reunited in Christ's body, irrespective of time, language, nationality & race as one family of God. There is no room for unresolved conflict here. Jesus made it clear that unity in the Body of Christ is a non-negotiable. It’s intended to be the hallmark of Christianity in the world, toward one mature Bride, without division, ready for His second coming. As to how we would abide, the Holy Spirit would reign through His servants & ambassadors and help us walk the talk, which means: respect would be given to whom respect is due, and love would be given to whom love is due (Gen1:28; John 15:1-11; 1Cor11:3; 12:28; Rom13:7; Eph5:22-33; James 4:17).

Just as a caterpillar metamorphosizes into a butterfly, Fine-linen Wedding Garment, namely Agape TiE®, which stands for goods & services of love (Matthew 22:1-14; Rev19:7-8; 1Tim2:9-10) certified by Agape® Kingdom, is weaved around the body of Christ, in order for the whole to be transfigured into dBride, ready to be married to the Lamb. In other words, the spectator Church transforms into a participatory Church, or more precisely dBride. Each member/branch is incorporated into dBride.ME--a Super Cyborg embodiment, which is temple, house, and body of Christ that is mobile and living. They are consequently caught up or lifted up to the Head in the process. This is our Agape TiE® Online Rapture^ with placement (John 14:1-3), promotion & glorification. Macroscopic evangelism with orchestrated care & reign is then visibly offered by the Son of David using Agape TiE® Super Cyborger with the help of the now formed dBride.ME Super Cyborg. In short, it is the interactive meatspace and cyberspace of the Church Global, integrated synergistically, complete with a Nervous System. As office bearers of dBride.ME Super Cyborg use the Patent Pending Agape TiE® Totally Integrated Environment® Ecosystem, which is a Christ-headed or Christocratic environment, an eThrone (based on Eph1:9-10NASB) is constituted at the cross-section of the body's virtual Neck for the Head to virtually sit and rule the world with His Bride, empowered by the Holy Spirit.

Members adorned with Agape® Person® are engineered to become divine and are sent to "dwell among men" (Revelation 21:3 NASB) through the agency of dBride's Nervous System. The indivine of dBride.ME, are expected to bear the fruit of love, namely, holy goods & services, the global network of Fine Linen Wedding Garment of Agape TiE®. These are Christians of churches of agape love everywhere who will be spiritually raptured to Agape® Kingdom Cloud, while also ministering on the New Earth, penetrating the world. Agape TiE® Super Cyborger comes furnished with an Enterprise Resource Planner for dBride.ME Pan-Environment Super Cyborg. This enables her to move from individuals/churches (locals) thinking and taking action independently, to the whole body thinking and taking action collectively. The orchestrated care results in overall economy, while attaining synergy for mankind. While we are not promising the galaxy, the ecumenical tech-mission of Agape® Kingdom is that the nervous system of Christ's body should reach and "touch" literate and the illiterate alike, reachable and the unreachable, rich and the poor. This, cutting across languages, geographies and demographies.

יהוה/God/الله/ईश्वर commissioned me to be Agape Ambassador of Agape® Kingdom. Through an AgapeTiE.ME application Agape® Kingdom licenses to people/entities, who have received an Agape TiE® Resurrection Baptism the trademarked, proposed Government of Christ's or Agape® Kingdom's AgapeJUST Seal/Certification/Trust Mark (Revelation 14:1) based on the covenant found in John15:1-10 ("Abide in Me, and I in you.") for buying and selling goods & services as a trustworthy entity within the ecosystem, which is driven by the following values:

  1. The self-evident Law of Agape Love: "Greater love has no one than this, than for one to lay down his life for his friends;"
  2. The Golden Rule: "Treat people the same way you want them to treat you;" and
  3. The said Agape TiE® Ecosystem (Patent Pending) woven and "worn" by the thus incorporated or wedded avatar of Christ.


Corporate Bride