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“Dead in Trespasses” (Eph2:1)

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Salvation = Grace + Faith + Fruit (Works)

"Justification by Faith Alone" is a Doctrine of the Demons.

The “Let us” of Genesis1:26 is used as a respectable reference to self as in “manam” (Telugu: మనం). Likewise ‘thamaru’ (తమరు plural ‘you’ in Telugu;... Show more


First off, the Jihad crap we see these days mustn’t dissuade true sons of God from embracing the truths of Chrislam. For, there are diamonds……

Son of David/Christocratic New World

SON OF DAVID 22 February 2014 – 4 October 2015 A.D President Barack Obama, Government of U.S.A Chancellor Angela Merkel, Government of Germany The Reigning Emperor…

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Born Again

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The Trouble with Mr Bean | Full Episode | Mr....

Mr Bean, late for his dental appointment, tries to get dressed and clean his teeth whilst on the way. After arriving just in time for the...

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